Children and Family Court Corruption Proposed Legislation

family court corruption proposed legislation

The American Association of Non-Lawyers is working to get new legislation passed at the state and federal levels.  This is the proposed legislation to address Children and Family Court Corruption.

Children and Family Court Corruption

The Recording of this Children and Family Court Corruption Proposed Legislation is linked here.

    1. All children deserve to live a childhood free from abuse, exploitation, and government interference during custody litigation.

[Custody litigation is devastating to many.  The children must be protected, not damaged, by the system.]

    1. It shall be a child’s right to be raised by his parent(s), free from government intrusion; have an attorney of her or his choice; be heard in court personally; be allowed to report abuse, and know that the system will protect them; be protected from mental and physical abuse by guardians as well as the judicial system; and receive justice.

[Currently, the way children and their families are treated by the judicial system is a crime in and of itself.  We the people must protect families and the children.  These rights must be mandated because the existing system is hopelessly broken.]

    1. Being a parent is a fundamental human right, and the government has no right to be involved. There shall be no termination of parental position.
    1. Child Protective Services shall be eliminated.

[CPS is an agency that is hopelessly broken in every state.]

Once upon a time, there was NO family court.  It evolved out of the creation of CPS and federal funding.  CPS should be abolished in favor of a social service agency that only provides help to families in their homes.  That’s social work, not paper-pushing for the court as it is now.   Back when children were removed for good reason, they went to orphanages.  Today, a social worker agency could oversee the current foster parents for those children for which there is NO other choice but to remove.

    1. Complaints about Child Protective Services (CPS) and other state agencies may be presented to a Special Regulatory Grand Jury.

[Government corruption may take place in any agency.  CPS is an area where abuse is often alleged.  Special Regulatory Grand Juries are a creation of this Proposed Legislation that provides a Grand Jury that is independent of government.]

    1. All family court trials shall be by jury.

[Family court abuse and corruption is one of the most widely-criticized.  Judges and their friends involved in the family court process create a situation ripe for injustice and corruption.  We must remove the judges from this life-altering process for so many people.  Let a jury of local citizens with their own families make these serious decisions.]

    1. No child may be taken from a family without evidence and a hearing.  No child may be removed from a family without a law enforcement investigation with probable cause for criminal child abuse and referred to a prosecutor for criminal court.

[Children are being removed from their homes at the whim of people.  This life-altering decision must first be made in court and decided by a jury.  We cannot allow families to be torn apart by people who should have no authority to take such serious action.]

    1. The statute of limitations shall be eliminated in cases of sexual assault against children.  The statute of limitations shall be eliminated in cases of perjury and fraud upon the courts.

[Laws must not be used to deprive citizens of recourse for wrongdoing.]

    1. Whenever a criminal matter is raised in family court, that matter must pass to a criminal court where all normal criminal due process procedures, etc. apply.

[This will clean up a lot of corruption and dishonesty.]

    1. Hearsay shall not be allowed in family courts.
    1. Grandparents shall be listed on all birth certificates, and grandparents shall have automatic custody rights if their child is unable and they are willing and able.  Grandparents are not always a good answer, but they should be looked at FIRST, not as a second thought, or not at all.
    1. A Citizens Review Panel shall be established to monitor all children and family matters.
    1. No child, teen, or young adult may be forced into residential treatment facilities and forced to take drugs without parental authorization.
    1. Child support, custody, and visitation shall be treated as one issue in family court.
    1. Child support shall be based upon an ability to pay.
    1. If a parent cannot pay child support, that parent shall not be jailed.  Parents who do not pay child support may be sued for fraud, and if a jury determines that fraud was committed, a judgment may be entered against the parent.
    1. All children and family court proceedings should be public.

[The only ones currently being “protected” are the criminals.]

    1. Parents may record any dealings or disscussions involving their children.
    2. Children shall be taken from parents only in extreme situations of abuse or neglect, and those decisions shall only be made by a jury after a full evidentiary trial.
    3. Civil court requirement of a preponderance of probability shall be required in family court.
    4. Where accusations of abuse are falsely made, there should be sanctions and criminal charges filed.
    5. There shall be no custody rights granted to convicted domestic abusers. This is how they gain ground to further manipulate their victims.
    6. A “Safe at Home” program shall be established to protect citizens by having their addresses and contact information suppressed.

[California has such a program to copy.]

24. Family members get custody unless deemed unfit by a jury.  If a child must be removed because of abuse and neglect, the family should be allowed the child, not the state.

25. Families can adopt and shall have first priority in all cases.

26. The children of a divorced American parent may not be moved to another country.

27. Government employees and contractors who have wrongfully denied a parent of time with their children may be charged with kidnapping and child abuse.

28. There shall be termination of parental involvement with a child when found guilty of child abuse by a jury.

29. A child conceived from rape should not be given to the rapist.

30. Every encounter that anyone has with any “professional” involved with a CPS or family court case is to be recorded – preferably video recordings where all parties can be clearly seen – so that there is no question of what is said and done. This means from the very first moment the investigator steps into the yard and approaches the door.

31. Separate child support from parenting time.  This alone will minimize the fighting in the courts.  When the monetary incentive is gone, people will be more willing to share their children equally.

32. Make parents who receive child support prove money is spent on a child, not themselves.

33. Custody shall not be given to abusers.

34. Family court should be restricted to clear and convincing evidence, same as criminal. The preponderance of evidence rule is preposterous.

35. A parent should not be required to pay child support for a child they are not allowed to see (for no reason, no charges whatsoever) but want to see.

36. Require criminal child abuse or criminal neglect conviction for the central registry.  Oppose interstate registries forcing only those willing to work for it to gain old info.  Structure the registry with the crime as on the sex offender registry.  A dirty house is different than a murder.

37. A Parenting Plan is to be submitted within 30 days of filing for divorce.

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350 Constituents and I met in DC and first presented most of this Proposed Legislation to members of the U.S. House and Senate on February 5, 2010.  No one did a thing.  WE have to make it happen.

The American Association of Non-Lawyers will strive to be bigger and replace the club of lawyers and judges.  WE will use our greater numbers to get legislators to act.

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