Proposed Legislation to Save America

Proposed Legislation to Save America was presented to the U.S. Congress

in 2013 by Lawless America.

It was hand-delivered by constituents.  We invited them to a meeting at our hotel.  This photo shows the turnout.  This was completely ignored.

Here is the proposal:  Word File — PDF File

Can 750 Nobodies save America? Apparently not.  So, we are going for hundreds of thousands.

Please read the sections of the PDF file that apply to your interests, and email with suggested changes, additions, and deletions.


Accountability & Grand Juries…..2



Legal Procedures…..7

Legal Costs…..9

Legal Procedures…..10

Statute of Limitations…..13

Law Enforcement…..13

Criminal Courts…..14

Military Courts…..17

Guardianship & Elder Abuse…..18

Property & Foreclosure…..18

Children & Family Courts……18

Divorce court…..22

Domestic Violence…..22




William Michael Windsor will be publishing this as a book, along with your input.  The book is titled “SAVING AMERICA.”

A vital part of the plan to Save America is to build an association to compete with the American Bar Association and the corrupt judges.

Cowboy BIll Windsor

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