Some People Misunderstand What They Agree To When Considering the American Association of Non-Lawyers

Some People Misunderstand



Absolutely nothing.

I heard tonight that the Admin of an important Group won’t join because she won’t agree to be Pro-Se.
There is no such requirement. The one and only requirement is that YOU are not a Lawyer.  Hire a lawyer when and if you like.  Quit the Association when and if you like.
Joining this group is solely for the goal of getting justice for all, especially those who can’t afford lawyers. When you submit a Membership Form, it simply gets us closer to our goal of regaining our Constitutional rights.  So, as I see it, the only valid reason not to join is if you oppose your fellow Americans having Constitutional rights.
What you need to understand is that this appears to be the best way for the 63% of us who do not have attorneys to be able to obtain justice.
What you need to understand is that tens of millions of people lose in courts every year because they don’t have lawyers and are denied even the most fundamental of rights.
What you need to understand is that our simple little form just requests your contact information. If you don’t want to share your address, phone, or email, just put “Confidential” in those fields. but realize that anyone can get that information through a variety of online services.
What you need to understand is this information is not stored online, so it can’t be stolen. I download it to a Flash Drive and hide it far away from where I am.
What you need to understand is we will never publish a list of members. We have members in 49 states and DC. We just got Alaska, so we only need North Dakota.
It takes 90 seconds, and your participation may help save lives, homes, elders, children, futures, and more.
Thanks for UNDERSTANDing.